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    - Delem control 3 Axis (X1,Y1,Y2) + hy compensation
    - Electronic-hydraulic propotional servo synchronization, free point control stroke range, repeated precision at 0.01, parallelism 0.02
    - Lower working table is fitted with warp offset oil cylinder, upper mold is fitted with warp offset mechanism or lower working table with imported manual/electrical cam apparatus, model from 250t up have both upper and lower working tables fitted with warp offset mechanism.
    - Fitted with 3 Axis control Delem company, Holland, exclusive computer system, grating meter, hydraulic transmission system with valve assembly and servo motor all imported
    - Very strong anti-deviation capability
    - The sliding block (Y1,Y2), rear stopper (X,R,Z) and master pressure control by computer, ball roller leading screw rolling guide rail are adopted to rear stopper get high precision in repeated positioning.
    - Optional digital control, mechanical robot or flexibility machining center for sheets with 7 axis &up